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Here’s why, with help from economist and Brookings Institute egghead Isabel Sawhill’s new book 1) They’re Old. That’s higher than the average age people get married (for men it’s 29, and women it’s 27, although this is Clooney’s second marriage.) There’s a pretty strong correlation between the age at which you get married and the likelihood that your marriage survives, says Sawhill. The average age at which women get married is now than the average age at which women have their first baby, notes Sawhill.

“Later marriages are more durable than earlier ones,” she writes. Marriages that happen after children have a high rate of failure, especially if the children were unintended.

Now that George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin have been wed long enough to have their wedding pictures sold for charity, we should expect to see rumors of the demise of their marriage any day now.

It sits on the narrowest stretch of water, the place where the second and first basins of the lake are joined, and not far from the residence of Ada Negri, a famous Italian poet.But it seems that’s just a bunch of talk and nothing can tear Clooney away from his passion for things Italian, not even a former WWF wrester nearly 20 years his junior.What makes the Italian lakes region between Milan and Switzerland so appealing to prestigious Italians and foreigners alike, such as Clooney, Versace, and Virgin CEO Richard Branson?Of course, these trends may fade to meaninglessness in the blinding glare of living in the public eye, which, if the reality shows are to be believed, is not very easy on newlyweds.Nevertheless, we’re sure nobody is hinting at a Clooney-Alamuddin rift yet. While there is plenty of material wealth and beauty to take in here, we think it may be the inexplicable poetry of the place that makes all the difference and that keeps Clooney (and other A-list stars) coming back home to Lake Como.

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