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Aramark is #18 on the Forbes list of America’s Largest Private Companies. I’m married to an awesome amazing manager for Aramark……. At least have a little class and respond to some of the emails of these hard working employees. I had an open wound on my neck and he ask me to work in the soiled department where they wear hazmat suits. In the last four months of my work there leadership changed in the kitchen and now food has become standardized.

Aramark has 254,000 employees and had billion in revenue in 2011. worse I have worked over 15 years for the competition (Sodexo). I had up and moved my home , my children my pets over 300 miles , cross state lines. At least put your money where your mouth is and support and give proper training to management after promoting them. It sucks to see a loved one struggling unnecessarily. All I’m saying is extinguish the fire before it begins. In that environment, you are slightly slower than usual. Food shortages were common and the only way for me to get a breakfast sandwich was through the generosity of the ladies behind the counter saving them special for me even during peak hours they still ran out.

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Thank you, Terry Mc Aloon Reply I have been an Aramark employee in Decatur, Ill for 20 yrs. There may be some kinks to work out as we transition…but we are in a so much a better place.

ARA provided services at the Mexico City Olympics, the first of 16 Olympic Games they serviced, including Athens in 2004 and Beijing in 2008. Working an ironer of 300 degrees that I had no training on. At Gennesis my first four months was met with variety and fair prices.

In 1983 Joseph Naubauer became CEO of the company, now named ARA Services, and a year later coordinated a management buyout. Today Aramark Corporation is a food-service, facilities, and clothing provider, supplying businesses, educational institutions, sports facilities, federal and state prisons, and health care institutions. once you become a big wig in this company you forget about the little guys and their family and how it might affect them . But I was weak and needed to find some place that I fit in. Sandwiches were always available with new foods to choose from such as breakfast pizza and sometimes something special like coffee cake (Once a week type specials).

I just toured our new facility today that we we will move into this next week. Thanks again….Reply To whomever it may concern, Hi, my name is Shatira Cummings and while I no longer work for Aramark (as of this past Wednesday) at Coastal Carolina University it is unfortunate that the point of this e-mail has come.

I feel as if I have given my location HR so much leeway that some issues have yet to be resolved.

I would rather be unemployed than take the verbal abuse he gave me.

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