Dating in gta4

In the game, it shows you how drinking and drving is bad and how a bad concious can hurt you. Don't act like they haven't heard the "f-word" or don't know what a prostitute is. I've played the game, and I found it to be one of the most fun games ever.Yes, there is a lot of things involving drugs, drinking, language, violence, and a little bit of sex, but not much sex.

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3) Language: This was the biggest problem for me, because I couldn't find a way to avoid it. The "F" word is sometimes used as a sexual term too.

The Violence: Another thing you'll have to get used to, but again, even Niko himself doesn't want to do it. The main thing is, there are lots of characters that are thrown off buildings and some are even set on fire. The Sex: This is something I would say you'd have to least worry about. The Good Role Model: Niko is a man who loves his cousin, but he hates how his cousin had lied about being rich, but promised they could achieve it.

You can have sex with your girlfriends in the game, but you don't see it at all, but you can hear them. Niko is a Russian man at first looking for revenge on someone who killed twelve of his army friends for a thousand dollars, but has the choice of whether to kill them or not.

If a player shoots an rpg at a cop car then there will be a violent battle.

after like two days, the free roaming will get boring and the player will focus more on the campaign which is not very violent at all.

The blood isn't too graphic (nothing explodes, no limbs lost) but when the person is dead on the ground, a pool of blood is usually seen.

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