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When we were in Shanghai, having a car take us around the city for 6 hours gave us a compressed version through the window of how each neighborhood felt and changed as we drove from area to area.When we first moved to the city many moons ago, we would walk the city on the weekends, explore as many neighborhoods as possible, we wanted to just take in as much as humanly possible so we could truly know our city…we do.We have done and do the same thing with Los Angeles when we are there and we continue to do that when we travel.The first time we landed in the city, having a diploma for only a few months and a new job in hand, we found an apartment on 28th and Madison, where we could walk to work.

There are neighborhoods that I adore and others that if I never went there again that would be fine with me.

There are so many genius things about Supreme starting with the founder, James Jebbia.

He saw the future and built a brand riding that wave.

It was clear how different the UES was from Madison Square Park.

I felt as though the buildings were going to fall down on us as I peered out the window of the bus and looked upward. I couldn’t believe that I was going to be able to build my life in NYC.

Who knew that the neighborhood was overrun with SRO’s, drug dealers and prostitutes.

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