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Bruising with swelling to the right ear auricle was consistent with blunt force trauma.

A linear scratch to the right cheek area occurred prior to death.

The bed clothing was missing from Conklins bed and the mattress appeared to be blood-soaked.

The jammed kitchen garbage disposal contained what appeared to be internal organs.

Conklin was arrested on April 8, 1984 and advised of the Miranda warnings.

Conklin purchased cleaning supplies, knives, gloves, garbage bags, garbage cans and a cart with Mr.

Conklin placed the evidence in the trash dumpster and fled to Florida, subsequently returning to Atlanta, Georgia.

Fulton County Associate Medical Examiner Saleh Zaki examined the body pieces of George Crooks.

Crooks automobile was not parked at his apartment and a missing persons report was filed.

A maintenance man employed at Conklins Lake Forest apartment complex was collecting aluminum cans from the trash dumpster on Wednesday, March 28, 1984, when he discovered dissected human body parts encased in black plastic garbage bags.

Areas of bruising to the right, middle and left portions of the scalp and head that had been inflicted prior to death were consistent with blunt force trauma.

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