Dating old english photographs


if yes you probably have a Tintype that is covered in the cased images section here after Ambrotype.

The first two photographs needed to be in a box because of their frailty.

They may have or can direct you to, locations that have microfiche of old newspapers to study.

You can study photographs with known dates of historic events and eventually develop an eye for details, while noting the dates.

Here on our Genealogist Corner you can see a collection of photos from the 1800's.

To identify the date of your specific photograph effectively, you may need to study the history of the items in the photograph.

It became unpopular to wear jewelry during the day, when Victoria's, Prince Albert past away.The invention of the sewing machine enabled factories to produce mass qualities of clothing.The Victorian period was the true influence of the modern men's fashions, while the women's fashions changed considerably with the rise in feminism in the 20th century men's clothing changes very slowly.Start a log of your findings, stay organized and persevere and have many sources agree before settling on an estimated date.If you can not find what your looking for at this site then, you may want to start with a visit to your local library.The history of fashions, methods of photography, customs of different eras, the history of photography, and even the history of wallpaper.

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