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Mikoyan tried, but failed, to save one from being executed during his trip to Armenia.

That person was arrested during one of his speeches to the CPA by Beria.

His interactions with Soviet revolutionaries led him to Baku, where he became the co-editor for the Armenian-language newspaper Sotsyal-Demokrat and later for the Russian-language paper Izvestia Bakinskogo Soveta.

Mikoyan became a commissar in the newly formed Red Army and continued to fight in Baku against anti-Bolshevik forces.

The purges were often accomplished by officials close to Stalin, giving them the assignment largely as a way to test their loyalty to the regime.

In September 1937 Stalin dispatched Mikoyan, along with Georgy Malenkov and Lavrentiy Beria, with a list of 300 names to Yerevan, the capital of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic (ASSR), to oversee the liquidation of the Communist Party of Armenia (CPA), which was largely made up of Old Bolsheviks.

Mikoyan helped initiate the production of ice cream in the USSR and kept the quality of ice cream under his own personal control until he was dismissed.

13 November] 1895 – 21 October 1978) was an Old Bolshevik and Soviet statesman during the mandates of Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, and Brezhnev.

Mikoyan became an early convert to the Bolshevik cause.

He was a strong supporter of Stalin during the immediate post-Lenin years.

During Stalin's rule, Mikoyan held several high governmental posts, including that of Minister of Foreign Trade.

By the end of Stalin's rule, Mikoyan began to lose favour with him, and in 1949, Mikoyan lost his long-standing post of minister of foreign trade.

He was wounded in the fighting and was noted for saving the life of fellow Party-member Sergo Ordzhonikidze.

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