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The number of online and in-person singles groups catering to seniors has increased exponentially in the last decade alone, making it easy for anyone to go online or attend a singles meet-up to try and find their perfect match.

These environments are often a little intimidating since their focus and the intent of their members is so direct, but sometimes being able to cut through the ambiguity and clearly declare your desires offers a real boon. Just about every singles activity group out there is little more than a front for meeting other singles in a low-key, low-pressure and fun environment.

Because of our awesome relationship with some of the top PR firms in Los Angeles, we are able to give you some sneak preview content.

Emmy award winning actor Aaron Paul sat down with Treats!

“Whether you live 2 blocks or 200 miles from the ocean, every man should know these basics” While thinking about essential skills all men should have, it was hard to overlook basic ocean knowledge.

So we got together with surfers, sea captains, and fishermen and…

We resurrect those New Year Resolutions that have been dormant, oh since about January…

Summer is knocking on the door and its not soon enough for many of us that live in warm weather cities.

The widespread practice of divorce has created a whole generation of high-quality single and older men looking to get back into the dating pool, where even just a couple of decades ago those men would have felt trapped in less-than-fulfilling marriages.

And when you’re on the prowl, some environments are better than others for meeting great age-appropriate men eager to take you out.

These days, it isn’t difficult to find a singles group that caters specifically to your demographic, and that’s true even if you are an older woman.

I recently saw an article from a somewhat reputable site about the best beach bars in America. As I take in a lazy Sunday afternoon casually watching the Elite-8 games of March Madness, I think about my month long pending writing assignment.

I’ve been trying to come up with an engaging topic to write for our partner and good friend, Duraflame. Ever since the days I was roaming the quad at Syracuse University in LL Bean sweaters and granola shoes, fighting sideways rain and lake effect snow, I’ve always loved March Madness.

There are over 1000 miles of beach in California, (which seems grossly overstated by many…

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