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I did not meet other men because that is not why I dress up.I am still married to my wife and we go everywhere while I am dressed up or not.

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My case is similar in your husbands dressing but I've never met another man or woman for that matter but I've fantasized about it.I said well into my marriage it was really about fifteen years in when one night she asked me if I wanted to wear some of her lipstick as I stood there and watched her apply it to her own lips. She fixed my makeup and told me that she always thought under my hard farm/rancher type exterior that there was a soft side of me.I really think mine all started back with my mother letting me play in her things and she even painted my toes and nails when I was very very young.To this day I feel I need a little time in something soft, silky, and femme.I'm still rough on the outside but need this inner me to take over some times.It's a common refrain among wives that it's not the crossdressing in and of itself that's the biggest issue, but the dishonesty involved.

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