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The upside is that research also shows you can improve memory and mood by correcting the hearing loss.And a study that just came out in the journal Laryngoscope found that hearing aids can improve balance.Falling is such a big problem for older adults — and some scientists are now suggesting that hearing aids could be used to treat problems with balance.Welcome to the Idaho Court Assistance Office & Self-Help Center!Launched in 2004, the site provides a number of unique features to help deaf / HOH members connect, including 'Deaf Groups' detailing if members are fully deaf, partially deaf, late deafened, HOH or are a 'hearie'.As a completely free site, it provides members the opportunity to enjoy the site at no charge while paying on other Deaf dating sites (if they choose to do so).passionsnetwork People who are deaf, or who are dealing with hearing issues in general can find dating to be problematic.

That's because the auditory system in your brain isn't stimulated, and so the brain stops recognizing sound.

That's why people with hearing loss who wait to get hearing aids sometimes find that they don't help as much.

Fortunately, our brains can "relearn" to hear, thanks to neuroplasticity — the fairly recent finding that the brain can reprogram itself into very old age with the proper stimulation.

Their friendship turned into a college romance and continued to deepen until that inevitable moment when one of them popped the question.

Deaf Singles is a safe online dating site for deaf men and deaf women.

As section head of audiology at the Cleveland Clinic, I see a lot of patients with misconceptions about hearing loss. Truth: In fact, 40 percent of the 48 million Americans with hearing loss are younger than 60.

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