Dating someone with the same moon sign

They are too passionate, possessive and manipulative at times.Their unpredictable nature can kill a potention love.They prefer a partner who is not too much depended on them.Aquarius : Sarcasm can be good while with friends, but not with lovers.Pisces : Pisceans can remain single because they live in their own world.

One has to enter the world of dreams of a Piscean and also share their dreams, to win their love.

Sometimes a LEO can waste time by looking for love at wrong places like dating apps/sites, while real love awaits outside.

Virgo : Being too analytical and picky can make them wait for ages to find a ‘perfect‘ partner.

Sagittarius : Too much of being optimistic and taking things for granted can destroy their chances of being in love.

For some of the sagittarians, getting into a relationship appears as a trap, which is impossible to leave.

Also, their public image does not appeal to many, who are looking for a traditional person.

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