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Georgian simplicity, Regency opulence, Victorian naturalism, sentimentality, Pre-Raphaelite styles, Japanese revival, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, 1950s modernism and late 20th century designs are all there, including the originals of iconic patterns still in production, such as Christmas Tree, Woodland and Stafford Flowers.Copeland and Garrett period Pattern Numbers 6057, 60, c.1834 shown in the Pattern Book on a Covered Jar, Plate and Tile.The other impressed mark like an O is probably a workman's mark and can tell us no more.

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This time printed underglaze in a blue-green and dating from c1838 to 1847.

The pattern number 7487 is handpainted in red onglaze.

This pattern number was first recorded in the Spode pattern books in about 1846 so with the two marks together the piece can be dated to c1846-1847.

At this period in ceramic manufacture blank, undecorated pieces once fired could be stored for some time before they went on to be decorated.

In this particular case there was a company name change between the manufacture of the blank undecorated piece, marked with the Spode name, and the decoration of the piece when it had received its first (biscuit) firing!

Christmas Tree adds a distinctive charm to every table -- celebrating traditions and creating memories.

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