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French studio Gaumont bested Hollywood studios and won the rights to "Train to Busan 2" in December.Since the sequel's announcement, however, no other details have been confirmed, including the release date and the cast.Tim Minchin said "I really don't like upsetting people..I never do it myself unless it is an incredibly carefully thought-out polemic like the Phil Daoust song or the pope song which have carefully constructed points to them." and "It's a thing of great beauty because it's a challenge, a desecration of something people hold sacred.I want to make people realise that being angry about being mean about the Pope is completely inappropriate in the context of talking about child abuse." That song's actually an examination of what we find offensive.The lyrics are extremely offensive and mostly a rant of very obscene words." In early 2012, reported that "Tim Minchin performed The Pope Song at the National Mall, which has about a million people upset, because his song contained...a "few" expletives and said some bad things about the pope".

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The song contains over 80 instances of the words "fuck", "motherfucker" and derivatives of these.Pope equates this feeling with that of a hangover, feeling like you can never recover from the roller coaster of emotions, the highs and the lows of being with this person and then having to leave them. in December 2012 and is nominated for a Grammy on Sunday alongside Chris Young for best country duo/group performance for "Think of You."The couple has been dating since 2010, back when Pope was the lead singer of pop-rock band Hey Monday.The sequel to the sleeper Asian film "Train to Busan" has long been announced but production has not yet gotten underway.Speculations on who will be boarding "Train to Busan 2" continue to spread online as eager fans present their casting wish list.Director Sang Ho, on the other hand, started work on the comedy flick "Psychokinesis" last April, which means his schedule won't involve "Train to Busan 2" anytime soon.

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