Dating with an age gap


“We often see a parent-child dynamic occur.” Call it what it is, says therapist, sex educator and author of Love Between Equals, Dr. When it comes to May-December relationships, “the men are captivated by the woman’s beauty and energy, and the women are captivated by the men’s achievement, fame or power or more mature personality then they encounter with same-age mates.” Age is not only a number, stresses Schwartz.

“Age is having grown up in a certain culture, having certain shared experiences and also having certain kinds of bodies.

Big age gaps take years off a woman’s life, according to research.

Older men desire the biggest age gap, searching for women as much as 11 years younger – no surprise.

Men aged 20-29 prefer older to younger women – three to six years to be exact.

Meanwhile, while older men like younger women, younger men like older women, reports

But Schwartz says that most of the older women she’s talked revealed that dating a younger man made them feel maternal, which is not how they want to feel in a relationship.

Enjoy being part of a May-December relationship with someone special.

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