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As controls, we used sentences that are associated to a different facial muscle (e.g., I am frowning).We choose this particular focus because there is reliable evidence that the affirmative verbal representation of emotional expressions activates the corresponding facial muscles (e.g., Winkielman et al., 2008; Foroni and Semin, 2009).We discuss how this research contributes to the grounding of abstract and concrete concepts.

In particular, even though f MRI results furnish excellent information regarding the brain areas involved, their temporal resolution is poor.Interestingly, movement disorders can affect language processing in a highly specific, action-related manner.Individuals with motor neuron disease (MND) are reported, for instance, to have subtle difficulties in action understanding (Bak and Hodges, 2004).Moreover, the examination of negation catapults the research on the representation of actions into the study of the role that motor systems play in processing abstract concepts, a problematic domain for grounded theories (cf.Barsalou, 2008; but see e.g., Glenberg et al., 2008).If you need supporting documentation for the application, please contact Headquarters at [email protected]

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