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A smart woman might feel attracted to him physically but she'll be able to separate her brain from her loins and think, "Didn't I see this douche-noodle on Tool Academy? I've tried online dating before and have had disastrous results. Are you looking to find someone to marry and produce gobs and gobs of babies? There's nothing wrong with choosing the "just getting laid" option, but you HAVE to be honest with whom you bring to bed.

I recall sex education being mostly scare tactics and religious nonsense that insulted me and my peers' intelligence, but that's just me. I would write a blog about failing at sex, but I've never actually "failed" at that. On the flip side, when a guy tries WAY too hard to appear as captain alpha-tough-muscles, he will attract the crazies. You can Skype all night and day; it's STILL not real person-to-person intimacy.

Agree or disagree all you want; just don't take it to heart.

So like I said, DO NOT USE MOVIES AS A REFERENCE FOR DATING. You gotta make a move of some kind even if you're afraid. I guess if I had to choose, being a chauvinistic male is way simpler. *high fives self* I might ruffle a few feathers out there, but we'll leave the ass-kissing and catering to them weenie politicians. Ladies, I truly mean no offense, but if you dress like a bar skank, GUESS WHAT TYPE OF GUY YOU WILL ATTRACT? Hell; walk around in a transparent thong with LED lights for all I care.

Knowing what not to do can be just as important as knowing what to do. I'd like to blame fairy tales and movies for this horrible way of approaching dating. For those who don't know this character, consider yourself fortunate, but for your sake I'll summarize: *sigh* Edward is a powerful immortal vampire from the 1800s. Guys tend to have this fear of talking to women because, well, there's that slim-to-none chance that some sort of alpha-male-gorilla-man could appear out of nowhere and their asses into oblivion.

I knew a girl once who actually took time to walk up and down the beer sections of grocery stores in hopes she'd meet her special guy. Many people like to idealize "The Perfect Match" for various reasons. Edward's character from Twilight is quite possibly the perfect example of this. If you don't talk to him/her, you won't get anywhere. I know it seems incredibly simple and stupid, but I have to point this out because I used to have this very problem.

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Look, we could debate on that whole "soulmate" thing until the cows combust.

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