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these cabs typically had a ‘100’ logo or for the rare Bass version then ‘Bass’ on a gold logo in upper left corner of grille which should be the ‘Bluesbreaker’ printed vinyl material…As opposed to later salt & pepper or basketweave grille material which were used by the time the Marshalls were uniformly logoed Super Lead or Super Bass in script on back of amp.It’s taken forever to even learn these basics, there are amp experts out there that know every date & detail, th0 sadly none seem to focus their knowledge on Jimi enough.Another rare amp he rocked was the JTM ‘black flag’ logo heads as seen on the Monterey ’67 set, right before they changed model names to JMP Super Lead etc.

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Think about it like F1 racing bodies & engines being fine tuned during the season except Marshall had no ruling body to slow innovation which was fast & furious in late 60s! tmpl=component&template=beez_20&link=735cfa813b5e358ae02a0a633f9286c26299df64 option=com_content&view=article&id=13&Itemid=124 The catalogue of TAU2 is closed for public viewing and access to it is available only to the registered members of the website.That's why your photos and personal information are reliably protected against any kind of global search system, even from Google.We pick up this tale midstream […] → Continue Reading ‘In-Wept’ Uber~Genuii Archives Vol.111: 1st Person Skyzeye View u.v.

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