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Let’s just gang up and put the blame where it belongs, on CBP.Just kidding; we’re thankful they are keeping us safe.Depending on the size of the freight (number of pallets, container type), exam fees can range from (per CBM, if LCL) to 0 (40’ container) plus any transportation/trucking to exam plus any PGA fees, if applicable.

This examination does not break the seal on your container, and is usually completed ship-side or within the port compound.The complicated hoops and red tape routine are prime reasons you need someone who is able to juggle the responsibilities of guiding your freight through this complex process.Also, patiently take note that the charges associated with examinations are not your broker’s fault.Although some examinations are completely random, there is a track record that follows you and your supply chain.If you are a first time importer, CBP will likely examine your first few shipments in order to establish credibility.If the field is blank, it will be sent to the Consignee listed.

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