Df not updating solaris


Thus this page assumes that your system has not been customized in any way.The one item you'll need to think about in advance is configuring your disks.

(I don't have an unmodified Solaris 7 system I can check.) There is a support infrastructure for system administrators, based around TINT (an automatic software distribution system), the dev newsgroup, and monthly Unix support staff meetings (at the first Tuesday of each month.As with most other operating systems, Solaris breaks disks up into pieces, called "partitions".(Under DOS, these correspond to different drive letters: C:, D:, etc.) In theory you can have 7 partitions on each disk, but you probably don't want to do that.If you have a single disk, this can be fairly easy.If you have more than one, you have to think about what things you put on each disk.This can be a student: there are many students capable of installing and maintaining a system for you.

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