Dictionary accomodating


* Contrary to the opinion that children should do their homework in a quiet environment, some Dyslexic students find music or TV as background noise helps them concentrate.Also some of the students we assess find concentration in the classroom difficult when they are working independently on their school work.What accommodating means in Bengali, accommodating meaning in Bengali, accommodating definition, examples and pronunciation of accommodating in Bengali language.There are many accommodations and adjustments that can be used in a Dyslexic student's home and school environment that are simple and inexpensive and won't interfere with a teacher's classroom or a family setting.Consider having your students demonstrate their knowledge with modes other than final timed multiple-choice or essay exams.You might substitute short-answer questions or a combination of written and oral examinations.Allowing specific accommodations gives all students a level “playing field,” and allows the student with disabilities an equal opportunity to prosper academically and contribute to society.

Such students often do markedly better when taking exams on a computer and using the spell-check function.* Always design your questions and assignments around a given conclusion or fact.Dyslexic students think in concrete wholes, that is, they work backwards from a conclusion or fact to fill in all the parts.Such accommodations do not allow students to cheat when the purpose of the exam is not memory recall because they test whether students can use this information to demonstrate their competence at statistics, economics, or literature.Such an accommodation becomes more problematic, of course, when you must test recall, as in foreign-language courses.* Allow your students to work at a pace that is not stressful.

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