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Lena Gercke, Guido Maria Kretschmer and Bruce Darnell are new members on the jury panel. The 8th season premiered in September 2014 The host was Daniel Hartwich, whilst Dieter Bohlen was the only returning judge from all seasons. Next to that, it has been highly criticized in recent seasons that candidates with no real talent are presented to the audience after a pre-casting to humiliate these people and push the ratings.Lena Gercke, Guido Maria Kretschmer and Bruce Darnell are also members on the jury panel. Christian Richter writes about the show that the "performances are artificially drawn in the length" and the candidates "tell their personal tragic story with overly dramatic music", even repeating the crucial scenes again in slow motion.At the last day of taping the auditions, performer Rene Richter asked jury member Michelle Hunziker to get involved in the performance where she was being held by a lead with Rene holding it with his teeth.While holding Hunziker, the lead snapped which resulted Hunziker getting a brain concussion and bruises.Season 5 started airing on 16 September 2011, while the castings started on 1 May in Hamburg.

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On 5 December he released an album called Der Mann mit der Mundharmonika (The Man with the Mouth-organ) which placed #1 on the German Charts and did the same little later in Austria and Switzerland. On 20 December 2009, Yvo Antoni went on to win the show, for his act with his dog, which received a controversial response. The second episode the following day topped that with 7.74 million viewers. Freddy Sahin-Scholl won the competition and €100.000.

Former DSDS runner-up Juliette Schoppmann appeared on the show after 10 years she was last seen on RTL.

Schoppmann, who originally saw success following her second place, was eventually was dropped by her label and failed to make a comeback. In second place was Christian Bakotessa (singer; 19,56 %), and third, 3rd Dan Sperry (illusionist; 13,75 %).

Admittedly, I watched this piece with already VERY low expectations.

Dieter Bohlen is a rather untalented composer parvenu whose lack of talent is only surpassed by the size of his ego.

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