Divyanka and sharad dating


For the Tamil character, she listened to the Tamil diction attentively and adopted the style in her spoken Hindi.This character required her to play the step mother to 8-year-old Roohi (Ruhanika Dhawan).So far Divyanka was tight lipped about this break-up but now she has spoken openly about this break up. Divyanka added, "My leg got fractured and i had professional commitments and I had to do some other works. Talking to the Indian Express, Divyanka said,"my relationship and bonding with Sharad were both fine. Clearly, 30-year-old Divyanka inherited her good looks from her mother.Even though clad in jeans and a shirt, Divyanka looks every bit of Dr Ishita (her character in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein) wrapped in a Kanjeevaram saree on the television screen.Also read: Divyanka Tripathi denies dating rumours, says she's single and ready to mingle STARDOM CAME EASYWhen she was invited to Mumbai to audition for the role of Vidhya, her first thought, in her own words, was that 'it's a prank', but she followed through and arrived in Mumbai with her parents.Once in Mumbai, she was pleasantly surprised to find people responding well to her - 'If you are good to people, they reciprocate with good behaviour', says Divyanka.

No one had imagined that she would ever become so 'ladylike'. I had only one ear pierced and preferred loose shirts and trousers. She divulges one more thing: 'My lies would always get caught.Next, she bagged Zee TV's Banu Main Teri Dulhan (on the basis of her role in the telefilm), which turned her into a small screen star overnight.Divyanka went on to star in Ye Hai Mohabbatein with some comedy shows thrown in between..they say, rest is history.New Delhi: TV serial 'Yeh Hain Mohabbatein' fame Divyanka Tripathi gained huge popularity this year but she had to go through a bad phase in her personal life. I was very happy at that time but things fell apart. Talking of the life after breakup, Divyanka said,"After break up with Sharad it got difficult for me to shoot at the sets. Divyanka says,"Despite being in a relationship,you should not lose your individuality,neither should you have expectations." Divyanka will maintain friendly relations with Sharad's parents." I have never told this to them but I respect them a lot and there is a special place for them in my heart." Talking about her being single,she says,"A single girl isn't very respected in our society. I have got single after a long time and I would have to take care who I show up with because people can start gossiping.Divyanka was in a relationship with actor Sharad Malhotra for 9 years. I felt like crying every moment but couldn't even cry becauseof the shooting. People around me started saying that something around me is jinxed. Divyanka has bought an engagement ring for herself. Post the contest, she began anchoring television and radio shows in Bhopal.

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