Ecards thanks for dating someone ugly


Where there is profit to be made, there will be people who will figure out a way to game the system. Best way to stop this stuff from occurring is to not promote this rubbish.If you do see a post about sick kids with rare cancer who lost all their family to a horrible house fire and if you don’t like it then 100 more children will get cancer from terrorists – it’s not real.But the problem is, building up these audiences and edge rank is a time consuming and often difficult task. Instant fanpage with a big following, lots of likes and an in depth edge rank, capable of pushing out content to a pre-built list of thousands of Facebook users.And because of the time and effort required, this occurs : The ‘my sister Mallory’ Facebook scam This post stated that someones ‘sister’ Mallory has down syndrome & doesn’t think she’s beautiful. The REAL story about this little girl is something much different: Read about it here And within 3 days a post like this one has 70,000 likes, and someone somewhere is about to make a nice little profit by selling the page to a business wanting some quick wins. (edit: Page name cannot be altered after 200 likes, just details of the page). I’m sure you knew it already, but these things are dodgy.Most of the apps are created without any research and they carry simple information – wakeup early, do jogging, join a gym, eat properly and sleep early.Our elders have been saying these words since ages, so there is no use of wasting a few megabytes of phone memory on something which is useless. First, habits are easily built when we see something frequently and these apps may help do this.If someone keeps telling us all those things that we already know, it delivers no value.

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When translated into numbers, these figures reach the million mark.

And this is the reason why people are gradually losing interest from such applications.

By June 2016, Apple’s App store contains 8.66% lifestyle apps and 1.98% medical apps, which means, more than 10% of the apps belong to healthcare industry.

The Facebook Like algorithm is Facebook’s way of dictating if content is of any value to users.

The more likes/shares/comments it gets, the more exposure to certain people it, and the profile it belongs to, will get both short term and long term.

So even an advice which is completely useless for us, when got free, it’s good to have it.

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