Equestrian dating online


The look in his eyes when he told me he was falling in love with me was when I knew he was ?

the one.'"They were married in 2008 on horseback, at the ranch.

just she and I, and her mother," recalls Dan."Church is a big part of my life," adds Janine, "but I always had a dream of an outside wedding.

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He met a lot of friends though the site, but didn't get serious about looking for a partner until he retired and moved to Alabama in November of 2004.

She'd earlier tried without much success, but over the next few years, she met many interesting people on the equestrian site, some whom she dated and some who were just friends.

Then, in 2010, the need to sell her Quarter Horse gelding Commando (because of the economy) prompted her to put out the word through the Web site.

The two corresponded by e-mail for three weeks before speaking on the phone."Han didn't brag or boast about his achievements," she recalls, noting that e-mail turned out to be a good way to get acquainted, after all.

"Instead he'd write about how amazing it was to watch the moon rise over his cabin, or the wonderful smell of sage when he galloped his horse through it.

"Then we exchanged phone numbers and called each other every day? "But she would always interject her feelings when she felt they needed to be heard."In 2006, Janine made the commitment to move to Alabama to be near Dan.

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