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Their LEAST favorite style is combed back and braided, probably because it makes a woman look like an old-fashioned school teacher and prudish.

The key is to dress in such a way that you issue an invitation.

Not a good idea, because you put the man in an impossible situation. He wants to look at your nipples, feels drawn to them…but if he does he risks the dreaded, “Up here, look up here,” as you point to your eyes with irritation.

When nipples are on display, the man doesn’t know whether it’s OK to stare, or if he should pretend he can’t see them, or even whether to assume that you’re coming on to him.

In each of these “halls” stalagmites and stalactites formed the decor, and our guide tried hard to convince us that these distorted mineral formations looked like all kinds of imaginary objects, including vegetables, a pulpit, a lascivious young lady, and even a litter of kittens.

In fact, a wealthy businessman in California makes sure his wife always dresses in the most expensive couture clothes and wears spectacular jewelry and has her nails and hair done whenever they go out. “Because, if you want to know the truth, she’s a very attractive woman.

The Swiss are not at all notorious for this kind of thing, but I suspect that serious election fraud was committed in this case.

Everyone knows that women who look sexy attract the attention of men.

By “invitation”, I mean a sort of very subtle come-on to the man you’re interested in that you might like to have sex with him. By giving a man small but obvious clues that he attracts you and that you’d like him to take you up on your invitation.

– Tousled hair – Buttoned blouse or oversized men’s shirt that unbuttoned just one button lower than usual – Going braless, but not under a translucent shirt–that’s too obvious – Wearing mascara or false eyelashes and highlights on your cheeks but not thick foundation or overdone lipstick.

Try this: go to the newsstand or bookstore and pick up a men’s magazine like Playboy or Penthouse. You know those big magazines could certainly afford make-up jobs and better hairstyles for their top models. Hair blown wild, rosy cheeks, tight, tight jeans, and a plain old plaid shirt.” And in case you don’t already know it, one of the sexiest things you can wear is a men’s button-down oxford shirt–they love that!

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