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A mutually beneficial relationship is not a one-night stand, its a relationship built on trust, confidentiality and give and take.But give and take doesnt work when one person is always doing the giving and the other is always doing the taking.The communication process with Sugar Daddy is probably more accelerated than what you are accustomed to but get used to it; thats the best part of seeking a Sugar Daddy.The need to mince words has been replaced by a frank and honest discussion about who needs what in order to be happy, truly happy.Everyone is clear about what the Sugar Daddy dating scene is all about so dont be shy about your personal and financial needs.Also, dont be shocked when Sugar Daddy comes back at you with his requirements.

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Once the two of you have established a solid level of comfort then proceed like you would with any other potential suitor.

From the comfort of your ergonomically designed computer chair you can post you Sugar Baby personal profile online, but just like any other endeavor a little advice can save a tremendous amount of time and effort when seeking a Sugar Daddy.

Think of it this way, before the advent of the Internet you had to date a guy for six months before finding out he was broker as a joke.

For the Sugar Babies who know how the Sugar Daddy scene works, have at it ladies.

For the new Sugar Babies who are sticking their perfectly pedied toe in the water for the first time, take a few minutes to get acquainted with the dos and donts of Sugar Daddy dating.

Thats the same as a lifeguard going to the beach and forgetting his bathing suit No How, No Way.

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