Etiquette of speed dating


Once, I rode with a friend to a co-ed birthday party at a TGI Friday’s.When I came home, my dad told me he had followed me in his car.Working with a boy on a school project always required an explanation.If a male voice ever called the house, my parents would pick up the phone in the middle of the conversation (I could hear the click).There’s also the alternative track: a “love marriage,” in which two people meet, fall in love, and marry without any assistance or interference from their families.

” When I ask my mom to resolve that contradiction, she says stuff like “Allah knows best” and “It is already written.” When I snarkily retort that I should rest and live my life until it happens, my mom insists that I need to put in the work.Our parents and religious leaders have set the boundaries but have failed to give us any practical guidance on how to follow them.When we are finally let out on a short leash to begin finding spouses, the pressure can be too much to handle.A businesswoman sitting next to me interrogated each and every male with the same battery of questions: “What are the most important qualities in a partner? What qualities do you find attractive and unattractive?” I watched as man after man squirmed under her scrutiny.Millanus bills itself as a “premier professional matrimonial service.” Its motto: “Muslims marry Muslims.” For a fee of 0, I could talk one-on-one with eligible Muslim men for five minutes each. While I respect the need to find companionship at any stage of life, the gender and age imbalance of the event meant that there would be no groupings by age—everyone would talk to everyone.

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