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In my job as Monument Scientist I work with other scientists to help them initiate and maintain their research studies and to make sure their exciting research discoveries are incorporated in our programs and exhibits. To study hard and learn as much as you can about geology and the process of science. In science, it’s being able to ask good questions and develop and test new ideas that’s most important. I remember seeing pink landscaping stone (rose quartz) at a gas station and thinking to myself “where did all of these jewels come from?!

” In third grade, I first heard the incredible story of Paricutin, a volcano which grew out of a Mexican farmer’s cornfield in 1943.

I also have projects going in Central Oregon, looking at some volcanic rocks produced by large explosive volcanic eruptions over the last 6 million years.

We are trying to work out why occasionally you can get really big eruptions, when most of the time smaller eruptions predominate.

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