Explicit sex chat game

We would not say that an 8-year old who played a video game full of shooting and killing would go and shoot classmates: there were similar cases, yet they were more about a serious deviation or a sad coincidence rather than ‘going mad because of the shooter game’.

At the same time, playing games improper for certain age, your kid might end up having nightmares or inexplicable phobias, and that’s not something we would like gaming to be.

Besides in-game purchases, there are internal online shops where one can buy certain enhancement for the user profile, or new games and add-ons.

The simplicity of the purchase is very inviting for the child who wastes his parents’ money without a second thought.

At the same time, today’s console is no longer exclusively an attribute of the gaming world, but a full-fledged multimedia center providing complex user experience, enabling to listen to the music, watch movies and TV shows, game, chat with friends and surf the Internet.

Here’s where the dangers come into the spotlight: whereas children’s security is already taken into consideration when it comes to PCs, consoles are frequently dismissed by parents.

However, speaking of TV, it is much easier to restrict access to undesirable TV channels on the console rather than on the traditional TV set.Consoles have long become a commodity which found its way to many households.Any member of a family, whether an adult or a kid, enjoys console gaming.Back in 2012 Microsoft and Sony even went as far as preemptively blocking over 3,500 profiles of the users who had a criminal record for sex crimes, just to prevent potential attempts of harassing children via such services.This massive blocking stunt was a part of a larger police operation called ‘Operation: Game Over’.A console is the gate to a variety of content beyond games.

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