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There are putters and drivers, some that fade to the right and the left, and discs of different weights.” The local-sourcing movement means that your food comes from someplace you could take a drive and visit, but you can’t get any closer to your food than at the on-site farm meals happening throughout the state.

A good place to check it out is Mayfair Farm in Harrisville, which will be holding short-notice “pop up” dinners.

Your 16th birthday is probably something you remember quite well.

The best part was looking at all the pictures together at home – so many laughs! Divide up into two equal groups (these aren’t teams, just groups to go to each end of the table).

You can hope to be invited to breakfast at Tiffany’s or take matters into your own hands.

Grab a donut, pick and hammer and visit Ruggles Mine in Grafton and seek out amethyst and garnets in the rough where prospectors first started working in 1803.

Take a fling at the 18-hole disc golf course at Mount Sunapee in Newbury.

The game begins with the Clipper Ship Quad chairlift to the south peak.

The course then follows a zigzag downhill path that shadows the Pinnacle Trail to the base of the mountain.

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