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So long as social media allows for the rapid spread of information, manipulative entities will seek to cash in on the rapid spread of misinformation.Perhaps the most egregious of the many nonsense peddlers on social media are fake news sites, so here we offer a guide to several of the most frequent (and unapologetic) hoax purveyors cluttering up newsfeeds everywhere.frequently swipes publicly-available photographs such as mugshots and deliberately misattributes them, as they did in a story about two Floridians allegedly arrested for selling golden tickets to Heaven.Another such story involved a death row inmate’s purported request for a last meal of kittens illustrated with a photograph of deceased serial killer Dorothea Puente.When trying to locate articles on our site, it's best to avoid searches that are too lengthy or specific.Therefore, avoid searching specific phrases in our search engine, and instead use a few distinctive words or names.

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When created a rumor about a Wal Mart shoplifter reportedly caught with 0 worth of groceries stashed in her vagina, the claim was spread not only by social media users but also by other sites of dubious credibility (such as largely encompass morally offensive fabrications, such as a claim parents admitted to having sex in front of their kids to teach them about procreation, another about a Florida man marrying a baby, and a salacious tale of an incestuous mother-daughter relationship.Paul Horner, the prolifically puerile online troll and ubiquitous fake news character (he inserts his name into all his articles) whose work previously appeared on the skirts Facebook’s crackdown on fake news sites by mixing real news and listicle items in with its fake news reports, but the site neither identifies its fake news items as “satire” nor carries a disclaimer to that effect.Fake stories from the that have circulated widely enough as real news to prompt numerous inquiries from our readers include articles about the world’s first successful head transplant and President Obama’s limiting churches to offering twice-monthly services.No list of shameless misinformation would be complete without a mention of ‘s most widespread hoaxes were claims that notorious street artist Banksy was arrested and unmasked (as Paul Horner, naturally), that a teen was imprisoned over a “swatting prank,” and that a U. company was hiring mercenaries to kill ISIS militants.While most of the site’s efforts have been relatively benign, their fake story about an Ebola outbreak’s prompting a quarantine in Purdon, Texas, caused headaches for local officials at the height of coverage and anxiety about the virus.The Naha Daily appears to be defunct, but during that site’s brief lifespan from September 2014 to January 2015 it published several fake news pieces that continue to pop up regularly on social media and web sites — most notably an article claiming that fashion CEO Michael Kors said he is tired of “pretending to like blacks.” That item gained enough traction to prompt calls that Michael Kors be boycotted over his fictitious racist remarks: Naha Daily also made the pages of with fake news pieces about Jaden Smith‘s plans to have his penis removed on his 18th birthday, Michael Jordan‘s indifference to kids dying over his sneakers, and Oprah Winfrey‘s accusing Bill Cosby of raping her.

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