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Features Sortd has a number of features, such as reminders, notes, and the ability to rename the email subject. Through it, users can toggle between three view options: full Sortd view, minimised and sidebar mode (showing Sortd alongside Gmail).


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Wayne says,“When we started our private beta we quickly learnt that solving the world’s email problems is no easy task. But we soon got over the hurdles and Sortd started coming to life.”They got their first big break on Product Hunt.

Wayne says,“After Sortd was featured on Product Hunt earlier this year, it has started becoming popular among Gmail users, especially those that are using Google Apps for business email.” They also got a lot of feedback from the Product Hunt community, with mostly positive reviews and more than 1,500 upvotes.

They couldn’t find an effective way to manage their priorities without email being an additional burden.

As long-time entrepreneurs juggling numerous business focuses, the founders’ struggles to stay on top of email inspired Sortd.

Once titled the ‘Email Killer’ Slack is now helping users worldwide better manage their internal office communications on the platform without spilling them over to email.

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