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If you lodge your return after the due date, the five years start from this later date.As a sole operator, you must complete an income tax return to report your income and claim your tax deductions for each income year.You cannot claim a deduction for child care expenses.For information about the child care rebate payments, contact the Family Assistance Office (FAO): You can only claim a deduction for the cost of clothing you use solely for earning income, including costumes and lingerie.You can't claim a deduction for items such as dresses, skirts, blouses, trousers, shirts and shoes for everyday use.

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However, these can be depreciated or 'written down' over their effective life.

If you do not have an itemised account, you can keep a record for a representative four-week period to work out a pattern of business calls for the entire year (provided you have a regular pattern of use throughout the year).

You can't claim: You can claim the cost of replacing or repairing equipment (such as fetish equipment), adult novelties (such as vibrators), and other items you use in your work.

You are a sole operator if you: You can claim a deduction for the total cost of advertising your business in the adult industry.

You may be eligible to claim the child care rebate.

See also: If you operate your business from home and you maintain only one telephone – mobile or landline – you can claim part of your telephone rental and the cost of your business phone calls.

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