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If you’re planning on flying around the world, then register as a Traveler.

Meet up with locals, get some recommendations, learn about the culture, and acquire a bit of insider knowledge.

A bustling city of 13 million can make one feel completely alone sometimes… After all, there are 13 million people that you can meet and befriend. Where travelers and locals can connect effortlessly in Japan through an SNS platform.

Although making social connections in a megacity is easier said than done, with these 4 apps, it’s never been so easy to get the ball rolling—it’d be a shame not to make friends in Tokyo! (Well, almost effortlessly—you’ll need an Internet connection.

Whether leading your new friends on or off the beaten path, you can help show them a good time.

If you try to sound different than you actually are, you may not be matched with someone you actually get along with.

Answer truthfully and you’ll be surprised with how spot on Ok Cupid’s algorithms can be!

Lifull Trave Ring offers a whole new type of traveling where you’ll never be alone!

Looking for a friend to learn about wine with or do morning yoga with? For all these things and more, Meet Up is your place.

While you could always ask your usual friends to participate in your hobbies, wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to feel like you were dragging them along?

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