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You can also amend marketing preferences, online and paper preferences as well as security like your password and auto sign out settings.

It can also be used to order paper statements, which is handy if you don’t have a printer.

According to our analysis of BACS data, the bank attracted a whopping 223,530 customers in 2016.

After accounting for the number of people that switched to another bank, it still leaves Halifax ahead of rivals with a net gain of 111,755 customers.

The security for payments To set up a new payment you will need to enter your online banking password, which seems excessive.

Those that have set up their phone to log in their fingerprint won’t be able to save time with this feature either and will also have to enter password information for the set up to be successful.

It's very busy While we like some of Halifax’s features there is a lot going on with the app and it feels more like banking through the website.The app also lets those you have forgotten their PIN or think it has been compromised, order a new one.You can warn Halifax about holidays The app includes an option that allows you to let Halifax know when you are going abroad.But for this review, we will be looking at how the app works for current account holders.The Halifax Mobile Banking app allows current account customers to: Here are a few of the things that we like about the Halifax Mobile Banking app.It crashes In our testing on an Android device, the app crashed several times when trying to do simple tasks. Share your likes and dislikes in the comment section below.

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