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The Philosophy of Yoga is called Raja Yoga, (the royal path), or Patanjala Yoga, referring to Patanjali, the reputed author of the Yogasutras, the basic Yoga manual.Because of its close connection with the philosophical system of Sankhya, it is also known as Sankhya-Yoga.The aim of yoga is the transformation of human beings from their natural form to a perfected form.The Yogic practices originated in the primordial depths of India's past.From this early period the inner attitudes and disciplines which were later identified and given orderly expression by Patanjali.

It has been practiced since very early times in India and is supported by engraved seals discovered at Indus-Saraswati civilization.

Yoga is a unique scientific discipline that leads to inner transformation and a definite psychological state of conscious enlightenment.

The secret lies in the awakening and development of Yogic vision or higher perception through a sound and clean methodology that brings a luminous, intuitive perception into the truth of things.

Vedantins interpret Yoga as return of the individual atman to the Supreme.

The Yoga with which most Westerners are familiar is Hatha Yoga, consisting of bodily exercises.

A man who seeks after this union is called a yogin or yogi.

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