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She recalls how one woman told her in the street she was a Baba Yaga - a scary witch from Slavic folklore - while another talked her three-year-old child into throwing stones at her. “When you realise it is your obligation to do it, you start moving in that direction.“I regularly go to the alley in order to run there. I am trying to do whatever satisfies Allah,” she explains.The international centre for the study of radicalisation at King’s College London says that there are scores of other radicalised European teenage girls in Syria including 50 from the UK, 60 from France and 40 from Germany.The Austrian border police were reported to have stopped three teenage girls from going to Syria at the weekend. Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine cited terrorism experts and relatives as sayings most girls only woke up to what was in store for them after their arrival.We will serve Allah – and we will die for him.”The two girls were reported to have become radicalised after attending a mosque near their homes and reading about jihad on the internet.“We are going the right way, we are going to Syria to fight for Islam,” they said in their departure note.They said the girls were forced to marry Islamic fighters, obey strict Islamic laws and lived under permanent surveillance.“They want to marry martyrs,” the Swedish terrorism expert Magnus Ranstorp told the magazine, “There is this sort of obsession with paradise and life after death, which make it like a death cult. The exact number of women who wear the Islamic headscarf or veil in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not known, because no records are kept.

It borders Croatia to the north, west and southwest, Serbia to the east and Montenegro to the southeast. Under the law, trafficking is a state-level crime that carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.Vienna’s Österreich newspaper reported at the weekend that the two teenagers were living in Raqqa in central Syria and that Samra had married a Chechen Isis fighter by whom she had become pregnant.But the newspaper said the girls had contacted friends in Austria and told them they were “sick” of the bloodshed and wanted to go home.Both are in an area where killing and executions are everyday occurrences.Samra was said to have told friends that death was with them “all the time”.Peter Slanar told Germany’s Süddetusche Zeitung newspaper at the weekend: “She behaved as if she had been brainwashed.” She had told him al-Qaeda was a good organisation and that the US was responsible for 9/11.

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