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It too has been shut down several times, including by a former local parish priest who organised prayer vigils in the area.

In Bari, southern Italy, the "Lovely Park" offers 50 spaces with less privacy for €3 an hour.

Bonn installed six wood-walled spaces in January 2011 in a parking lot near the city.

If you don’t want to visit your GP for an STI test, certain groups of people can be tested at the community health clinic free of charge and anonymously.You can visit your GP if you are at risk of an STI of if you think that you have HIV or another STI.The GP can perform an STI test or you can ask for one yourself.Police keep watch and the Catholic Women's Welfare Service (Sk F) provides care services for the several dozen prostitutes who work there.Sabine Reichert of the Sk F has been quoted by German media as saying that the system led to a "considerable decline in violent acts against the women.Dortmund, also in western Germany, installed "prostitute boxes" a few months before Cologne with the same aim of protecting sex workers and providing social and medical services.

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