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When my wife inquired about these kids, she informed us that she had spent the previous night watching them play in the yard. I asked my daughter what these kids looked like, she told me that they “were bald like grandpa and weren’t wearing any clothes”.The very same day I found the wreath that hangs inside our rear porch stuffed into our mailbox.It wasn’t until the weeks later that I began to suspect that I was dealing with a number of what I thought were individuals “hazing” me upon my arrival to the area.At this point I was incapable of keeping my dog outdoors overnight.I had already given a report to the police, who were making it increasingly clear that they were not interested in my case barring psychical harm or large scale theft.The second week of January I am having breakfast with my family when my five year old daughter begins talking about the “kids without hair”.Most of Pike County is made up of small towns and rural communities; it is not uncommon to go days without seeing my closest neighbors. I did not become aware of any strangeness until early December, although that is only when I began to keep a record of these events.

In the weeks leading up to this particular evening I had awoken to find my shed doors open on several occasions, many of my children’s toys missing or moved, and my yard in general disarray.Clearly the kind of fine young men you’d want investigating the terrifying occurrences plaguing your home. And of course, the question anyone with a passing interest in the paranormal was asking themselves: These conversations quickly led to the creation of the Alien Cave Base Task Force, a rag-tag group of adventurous friends and strangers who half-seriously pledged to travel to Kentucky with the intention of going on an adventure and seeing if Dave was for real. I don’t think any of us honestly believed that there was any chance of this trip actually happening.Thinking the email was obviously a joke, I wrote back stating that we unfortunately had no experience with extraterrestrials or explosives, but we’d be glad to assist if he wouldn’t mind elaborating on the details and providing some evidence. After a few more jokes about dying in a mine collapse, I hit the sack, not thinking much more of the strange email or the Task Force.I had initially imagined that they were from some kind of animal, though it closely resembled a human footprint minus the heel.At that time I was under the impression that it was simply a single creature.I believe they are coming from an abandoned mine located on the edge of my property.

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