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Based on the evidence gathered in the previous section, a key finding of this report is that mobile phones play a central role in facilitating potential cases of DMST.Online advertisements for potential DMST victims commonly contain a mobile phone contact number.

IOM regional partners, including NGOs, also advertise the helpline in their awareness-raising campaigns.Because the social actors involved in trafficking can use mobile phones to communicate, coordinate, organize, advertise, etc., the information transmitted across mobile networks could serve multiple evidentiary and investigatory purposes.The widespread use of mobile phones can also be utilized for social outreach and interventions.The law cannot be that a criminal is entitled to rely on the expected untrackability of his tools.”[18] This decision calls into question the privacy protection associated with pre-paid devices.Given the potential of disposable mobile phones to facilitate human trafficking and need to balance regulatory and privacy concerns, further research in this area is advised.This percentage is dramatically greater 3.4% national market share of Metro PCS.

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