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If this moment happened in New York, it would have been a big deal. I do plan on expanding, and taking my exhibits more so on the road and building a brand that lives outside of Atlanta.

But I still feel like I have a lot left to do in Atlanta before I feel like I can attack a new city.

Kaetoe Maddox estimated between five and seven, including a body camera that the jailer wears.Before that, he was a Georgia corrections officer for 18 years.Sheriff Pounds said the process for becoming a jailer involves a rigorous background check, which Biggers passed because he did not have a single similar complaint in his entire time working for the state.convinced the women to do what he wanted with promises of helping them with their cases.“This type of conduct by any person associated with Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is completely unacceptable and is an embarrassment to the department as well as the many exceptional men and woman that proudly wear this badge," said Douglas County Sheriff Tim Pounds in a statement."This conduct will not be tolerated and will be dealt with appropriately”Biggers was employed as a jailer with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office since December 2016.That was my initial brand as a photographer, because I’d capture a lot of these candid moments. More artists wanted me to be around them because they knew like, “Alright, if Cam takes this picture, not just a few people are going to see it. He can send it to the blogs.” All of that translates to a bigger deal than a regular situation. To be quite frank, in Atlanta, we don’t have the media outlets here. We make great music and a lot of stuff is coming out of Atlanta, don’t get it twisted, but when I was coming up in the scene? And I noticed the difference when I started traveling more and I’d go to concerts in New York.

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