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In Myanmar, by contrast, online dating sites such as were blocked until at least as recently as last year.Open Net Initiative (ONI) said in its October 2012 report that there was a “drastic” reduction in the number of filtered sites since testing in Myanmar began in 2005.(A novel idea, I know, but bear with me – it might even catch on.) Johnson is a jester – an amusing distraction from the drudgery of politics who has a natural gift for light entertainment – but he really ought to be kept away from the levers of power because has seemingly never cared one jot for anything much beyond stroking his own ego.Our country deserves to be represented, both at home and abroad, by people who are dedicated to the wellbeing of our population and to working towards a better future for us all...Only five out of 541 tested URLs categorised as political content remained blocked.Interestingly, almost all of blocked URLs belonged to ONI’s ‘social’ category.It’s therefore no surprise that since the world’s first online dating website, Match.com, was launched in 1995, millions of people have turned to the internet to increase their chances of finding that special someone.The stigma initially associated with online dating – that is, being judged “desperate and dateless” – has largely melted away. Technology analyst firm Tekrati estimated that the online dating market in the United States generated US2 million in 2011 and in 2009 The Guardian stated that, “Fifteen million people in Britain are single, and almost five million are shopping for love online.” In India, traditional matrimonial sites may soon be overshadowed.

For example, requires “a declaration of vegetarian strictness” before setting up a personal advertisement on their site.Unsustainable, increased rents by greedy letting agents and landlords also has the same effect.Low wages and lack of support force costs onto other spending areas. The Government failed to do an impact assessment on the knock-on effects of reform, but I expect nothing from this current mob.Alex Orr Did I imagine it or did Boris Johnson seriously propose offering UK taxpayers’ money to support British citizens who are living in the tax havens that have been affected by Hurricane Irma?This only serves to highlight precisely how out of touch with the reality experienced daily by the humble electorate he truly is.This nation’s population – and particularly our public servants – have suffered under government-imposed austerity for many years now and yet he proposes to spring open the nation’s coffers in order to bail out those whose lack of contribution has been in no small part responsible for this sad state of affairs.

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