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He spoke of the need for renewal and the need for our Catholic Christian Faith to be witnessed by all in America today.He spoke of the need for evil influences in the world to be rejected and the need for all clergy to experience a new Marian Devotion so that all religious orders will "increase your vocations, and achieve a greater striving for saintliness among the servants of God." This is a message everyone present at the Rosa Mystica Shine prayed our Catholic hierarchy in America would heed closely today. Father Mike (as he was known to all) died during the terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center September 11th.Just outside the Rosa Mystica Shrine, I heard someone remark about the beautiful aroma of the flowers nearby.It was than that I remembered Father Mike telling Steven about the peacefulness and the smell of flowers in that Church in Medjugorje.Father Mike was present a few years before his tragic death at the World Trade Towers in a small Church in Medjurgorie, located far from everywhere just like the small Church in Edmeston, New York.

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In the beautiful Rosa Mystica Shrine, a brilliant blue cross blazed above the altar.

He died administering the sacraments to fallen Firefighters and Police Officers.

Father Mike's good name as a faithful Catholic Priest was, however, viciously attacked by those supporters of the culture of death in America after September 11, 2001.

As I left the Rosa Mystica Shrine that afternoon , Steven Mc Donald was still deep in prayer.

That beautiful afternoon in Edmeston, New York was so peaceful as I left the Rosa Mystica Shrine.

Father Mike told Steven that he could not see Our Lady, but experienced a strange sense of peacefulness and the unworldly smell of flowers just after the Marian Apparition. was on Steven's mind at the Rosa Mystica Shrine that day.

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