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Based upon the user's selections, the WHERE clause is potentially extended further.

NET, be sure to read Preparing your Visual Basic 6.0 Applications for the Upgrade to Visual Basic . For example, by default, the ADO objects are marked in the registry as apartment-threaded; when trying to use an apartment-threaded component through an ASP. Note that this error is present because the ADO objects are, by default, marked as apartment-threaded. An error occurs when attempting to access an apartment-threaded COM component through an ASP. NET offers an ASP Compatibility mode, as the error message says.NET application you will, invariably, come across other syntactical errors.Table 1 summarizes the syntactical errors encountered when porting the Project Report Application from ASP to ASP. Note Visual Basic has matured as a programming language with the release of Visual Basic . It now supports try…catch error handling, true object-oriented development, and many other enhancements that were long overdue. (Recall that in the Project Report Application, a project is not completed if the actual completion date is NULL; in the ASP version Is Null is used to check whether or not the field was NULL.) Some issues can arise when using COM components within an ASP.At this point, edit the file by removing lines 1 and 2 and replacing them with the following @Page directive: Once this change is made, reload the page in the browser. NET requires that all argument lists to both subroutines and functions be encased in parenthesis. Another change from Visual Basic 6.0/VBScript to Visual Basic . For example, the default property of the ADO Recordset is the Fields collection, and the default property of a Fields collection is the Value property. NET is trying to cast the Fields object to a String, which it cannot do.You will receive another error concerning the lack of parenthesis around the Response. Check through the entire document and place parenthesis around the argument lists for all of the Response. Rather, we must indicate that we want to output the Value property by explicitly stating which properties we wish to output: As you continue to port your ASP. NET pages can be accessed from the same Web server, you are not required to port your existing ASP pages over to ASP. However, there are many advantages to porting your application from ASP to ASP. Some of the biggest advantages include: Unfortunately, porting existing ASP pages to ASP.

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