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A number of early West-Coast psychedelic bands used these instruments, notably guitarists Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia and bassist Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead, as well as Jefferson Airplane's bassist Jack Casady.Instrument maker Alembic started their transition from sound and recording work to instrument building by modifying Lesh & Casady's Starfire basses.

The GSR designation stands for "Guild Special Run." This series was first revealed to Guild dealers at Guild's dealer-only factory tour in mid-2009 called the "Guild Summit Retreat".

In 2011, cutaway acoustic-electric versions of all Standard Series models were released.

These guitars featured venetian cutaways and a DTAR 18V under-saddle pickup system.

It is still made, copied by virtually every guitar manufacturer.

The decline of the folk and acoustic market in the later '70s and early '80s put severe economic pressure on the company.

Production quickly ramped up to include most of the popular Traditional Series acoustic guitar models.

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