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The girls decided to continue on with “The Hillywood Show,” and 15 webisodes and several film parodies later, the show is an online hit.About a year and a half ago, their Twilight parody was released; and the show’s ratings skyrocketed.Hannah (Alice Cullen in the parodies) and Hilly (Bella Swan) are the official hosts of the Twilight Conventions.With Jacob Jost (Edward Cullen), Drew Lorentz (Jasper Hale), Shuan Flynn (Emmett Cullen), Brittany Turner (Rosalie Hale) and Joseph Lewellyn (Jacob Black), they tour the country in costumes and makeup so precise that it’s hard to believe it’s all done by a couple people.“It was movie characters interacting with each other; but after we started branching out and started focusing on one main theme, we think our show is almost the Glee of movie characters.” Captain Jack Sparrow is a star character of the show, as are a few other Johnny Depp characters.“It actually just happened by accident,” Hilly said.

“And if we can’t, in the future maybe actor, director, make-up artist – we’d love to be in the industry anyway possible.” The duo is no stranger to performing.

“It (The Twilight parody) did everything for us,” Hilly said.

“Before it we only had 50,000 views for our most hit video and that was online for about a year.

Less than a week after the Twilight parody went online, the girls were contacted by the Official Twilight Convention to present their video.

“We didn’t know anything about Twilight,” Hannah laughed. And then we got to the convention, and people were going crazy seeing us in our wardrobe.

It all started three years ago when Hilly entered AOL’s “Be a Red Star” contest and came in third out of nearly 100,000 video entries.

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