Hermaphrodite girls


The supposed men who have a menstrual flow are simply real girls; Columbus is said to have examined their internal organs without having found anything essentially different from those of other women.The small round, hollow yet sensitive body that is located at the back part of the vulva has almost always caused to be described as , girls who, by a trick of nature, have had this part long enough to abuse.Marguerite Malaure, recovered from her illness and presented to the king her well-written request for permission to return to woman's dress, despite the sentence of the municipal magistrates of Toulouse, who had enjoined her to wear men's clothing.We conclude, therefore, that , who have both had children, each as man and woman, are childish fables, drawn from the heart of ignorance in the love of marvels, so difficult to dismantle.This is what happened to the supposed Italian girl, who, during Constantine's time, became a man, as reported by one of the fathers of the Church.In this invigorating state of humanity, the least effort can produce parts which have never before been perceived; witness Marie Germain, of whom Paré spoke, who, after having jumped a creek, appeared a man at the same moment, and was never seen again as the sex by which she had previously been known.But whether the Greeks drew this prejudice from the principles of Astrology or from hermetic philosophy, they cleverly imagined that the was the offspring of Mercury and of Venus.An honorable place is due to the child of a god and a goddess, and this is why legend continues to honor Greek illusions.

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The Negro of Angola, who caused such a stir in London in the middle of this century, was a woman who found herself in the same situation as Columbus' Bohemian woman; and this case is less rare in the blazing hot countries of Africa and of Asia than among us.The interior genital parts were shaped like a male's; and and as there was no sign of a womb, nor of its ancillaries, it appeared that this was a male subject in whom the urethra had been changed by a defect of conformation, which would render him incapable of having children.His twin brother who was put out for adoption died six weeks after his birth; and it is a pity that we do not have a description of his natural parts. Saviard saw again the next year a second child delivered at full term, who had approximately the same defects to his genitals as the previous child.It is necessary, nevertheless, to concede that nature plays very strange tricks on natural parts, and that there have appeared a few times subjects of an exterior appearance so bizarre that the inability to distinguish their true nature is, in some way, excusable. Saviard, whom I just mentioned, delivered full term twins, of whom one lived only eight hours and the other was given away because of the singularity of his sex.One of these babies had a well formed penis, situated in the normal place, with the glans exposed, behind which the inverted foreskin formed a tubular roll of flesh.That which is given at birth, even, perhaps, at conception, does not change into another; there is no person in whom the two sexes are perfect, that is to say who could reproduce in herself as a woman, and also outside himself as a man, [..as much as the male to produce out of another and the female to produce in her own self...] in the words of one canonist.

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