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Of course, since he doesn’t interact with a lot of women -not to mention the girl in question- he really has no idea what she’s like at all and won’t find out because of his “standards”.

On the other hand, John Doe might be in the grocery store and see the same girl with a copy of Plato’s under her arm weighing the benefits of the smaller bag of gluten-free almond flower and the larger, sale-priced, bag and say she’s not flashy or showy or made-up enough.

These are women I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole on a game show to win a million dollars.

It is absolutely acceptable to say “She’s not attractive enough for me to get it up, so I couldn’t date her” I’m totally down with that.

When being trained in the art of seduction, men are often asked to identify what they want in a woman.

This is an extremely important step in being able to find a compatible mate but is completely surrounded with a lot of deep-seated confusions that tend to decrease the success of the exercise itself.

As we get older, this strong desire to appease others starts to fade and our expectations of men shift. The same way that a tall, muscular, rich, funny, successful man is going to have higher standards for the woman he dates than a man who has none of those things. Like Anna Kendrick’s character says about her man ‘fitting the bill’, we have a mental checklist of everything our perfect guy “should” be without realizing that this expectation is most likely not possible.

Plus, when we’re growing up we imagine the perfect life we’ll someday be living. When we are younger, we believe that other humans have the ability to be flaw free and perfect.

For someone who relies on to tell him what he wants, they wouldn’t even scale, but to me, they were catches any man would be lucky to have.

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