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Welcome to Fobbleland, where the Fobbles got stuck high up in the air while felling skywood.Scared and shivering despite the sunny weather, they now need your help!Just drag one of the many different colorful blocks into the path of the balls dropping in from above, and you'll hear a sound when the two touch.Explore using flip blocks, moving blocks, swirls, thin blocks, plane tunnels, bouncers, change balls and much more to create endlessly varied machines to inspire, entertain and surprise you!Frantically steer her through the crook's mansion with the goal to destroy as many valuables as possible, forcing Czar Memphris to give you back the sword.Extend your time by fully clearing a room, and try to push the score to new heights.In this minimalist strategic defender, the geometry of your choices defines the outcome. This i Phone and i Pad game is so fast, it has a slow-motion feature just so you see what you're doing!Meet Karate Girl, out for revenge against those who stole her father's Humpterdink sword.

subvert the system by turning the authority's guardian tower against the drones using reflectors, chargers, portals, magnetic fields and more!

The first player to free all of their Fobbles wins. My husband - who isn't much into games lol - and I just played for two hrs at HIS encouragement!

Levels are generated randomly for endless variations! Way fun, but strategy and logic come into play making each round a challenge. " – Biblio Chylde "The game is a lot of fun and it can be played in rapid successions or with a slow strategic mind." –Review Me Welcome to Picture Chat, where you and a friend share an i Pad to talk not by speaking... Turn by turn, a sentence is created by combining any of the over 500 images.

Step into the medieval battle and build the higher Siege Tower to take over the enemy castle!

In this fast and fun game made for two players sharing an i Pad or Android tablet, your task sounds simple: drag the wood, spikes and cannons onto your wheeled base platform so that you'll end up constructing the higher tower.

at other times, their ambiguity (and figuring out just what the other one truly means) is half the fun!

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