How to choose a screen name for a dating site


If the mail has been read, the envelope disappears. The white envelope indicates your message has not been read. An arrow to the left of a message indicates that you have already replied to the most recent message you received from that member.

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You will need to update your location in your profile.

To start a chat: When you send a chat to a member that is online, Curves sends an immediate (real time) email notification to that member’s personal email address (for example, their Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc) notifying them they have an invite to chat.

You can pick a flirt message that feels appropriate. REF Once you find a member you’d like to meet, you can initiate a chat with them.

The member can choose to click on the notification and respond to your chat message.

And if the person is already online he/she will receive a push notification online.

In your Outbox, you will see an envelope next to each message you have sent.

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